Hercules JogVision

Are you a beginner DJ just starting out? If so, it’s important to know there are all types of ways you can mix music. You can mix in key, use special effects, scratch, use instrumentals over vocals, etc. One of the most used mixing techniques is beat matching. It’s also one of the most often questions I receive from beginner DJs, “How do you beat match?”  In this video, I use the Hercules DJ Control JogVision DJ controller, Serato DJ Software, and my own body movement to teach you how to match BPMs (Beats Per Minute).

1) First, you want to select two songs similar in BPMs. Please note, you can match songs that aren’t similar in BPMs. However, in order to keep this tutorial easy to understand, I’m using songs that are close to each other in beats per minute.

How do you find the BPMs? In most DJ software programs, you’ll find a menu bar on top of your playlist. In this menu bar most programs will tell you the name, artist, album, and BPM. More advance software programs, or editions, will also tell you the key.

2) Once you have two songs loaded (deck one (A) and deck two (B)) you can adjust the BPMs of the song in deck 2 to match the song in deck one. On almost every controller, you’ll have a pitch fader for each deck. It’s normally located on the right hand side of your platters, or jog wheels. In the example, the deck B pitch fader on the Hercules JogVision is located on the upper right hand side of the jog wheel. The one for deck A is located on the upper left hand side of the jog wheel.

3) After you match the BPMs. Play track one (or your master track —meaning the one that is playing versus the one you’re mixing in) and start to count the beats in each measure. Not all, but most songs play to a four count. You want to count the beats so that you can bring song B in on a single beat of song A to line them up perfectly.

4) One of the best things about this Hercules controller, especially for beginner DJs, is it has a beat display. The beat display, actually shows you how the beat is moving. This way, you can see when to bring in your second track.

5)Another quick tip I learned years ago from DJ Joey is to tap your foot to the beat of the song. Joey and I have been DJing since we were very young! We both learned to mix beats by ear. I was so thankful for this tip he gave me! It made it so much easier for me to match BPMs and I still even use this technique today!

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How to make or build your own DJ Flight Cases

This video should be titled, “How to get your dad to make you a flight case.” lol. Regardless if you, or your dad make them, flight cases can really make traveling much easier if you’re a mobile DJ. For some venues a cart is sufficient, or sometimes necessary due to small entry ways. However, they’re not always ideal for larger venues. Flight cases, especially large ones like in our video, can save you numerous trips, while protecting your equipment. Just one of these flight cases turned my two – three trip unload into one trip! Not only can I fit a ton of equipment inside the case, I can also stack items on top. With wheels, it easily rolls my equipment safely to my setup area.

What is the downfall of the flight cases? It can cost you a nice chunk of change to purchase a professional flight case, especially large ones. In this video tutorial, dad and I show you how you can make your own. PLEASE NOTE: This video is made for the DIY type of person. This isn’t a project you’d want to tackle, unless you have your own tools and/ or are used to this type of work. I never would’ve tried to make these cases on my own! I can’t even operate a staple gun!

Yet – If you are a person, like my dad, who likes to make things, you can save yourself money making the cases on your own. I purchased all of our hardware on amazon by searching “DJ flight cases”. The edging, wood, and paint I bought at Home Depot. We did learn a few things along the way. We had to replace the wheels with larger wheels. The ones we originally used were too small and were not able to hold the weight. The larger ones work like a gem. I couldn’t find foam at Home Depot, so I purchased the padding you see in the video. I wasn’t very happy with it. It works for now, yet I plan to replace that too. Lastly, we had to purchase larger latches. It was a little difficult to determine the sizes we needed. While I love Amazon, most of the descriptions for the hardware wasn’t very helpful.

I can tell you that my DJ life has been so much easier with these cases! I can’t thank my dad enough.

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DJ Podcast: On Disc Jockey Day What are the best speakers for 2017? EV EKX-15P?

“Everything is AWESOME!”  We’re back with a new podcast! For Disc Jockey Day 2017, we talk: DJ AWARDS – we want to award the hottest new DJs on the scene! SPEAKERS – Are the EV EKX really the best speakers for 2017?! MUSIC NEWS – what happened at the DJ Times DJ Expo 2016? I was in the mag! AND I ran into MARKUS SCHULZ! DJ LIFE – Wait until you hear this! QUICK TIPS – Don’t Strip Your Threads! And FOOD! Plus…… You’ll never guess who gave the name to this famous music genre!! Let’s talk DJ!

DJ Awards: We wanted to award our hottest new DJs on the scene! “Best new Rai Electro House Mix” – DJ Hakim! “Best New DJ Name” – DJ Rizzen! “Best New Artist” – DJ Masta Z! “Best New Mobile DJ” – DJ ZAC! “Best New DJ Podcast Personality” – DJ Sure Shot!

Speakers: Join us as we discuss DJ Sure Shots journey to purchasing a new set of speakers! Find out why he chose the EV EKX-15P!

What happened at the International DJ Expo? I was in the DJ Times magazine! http://djtimes.com/philly-dj-stands-spin/

Thank you DJ Shri with Mobile DJ Tips! He invited me on the Podcast. I’m #18! Check it out! Link is below.


Quick Tip of the Day – Don’t strip your threads! Meaning if you tighten your mics, speaker stands, etc too tight you could actually break them (or you could cause another DJ to not be able to change their batteries!)

DJ Life: If you don’t have the “In Pregnate My Wife” playlist you better get it! And is Guns & Roses making a comeback??

We hope you enjoyed today’s Podcast for Disc Jockey Day 2017! We hope to see you back here soon! Please don’t forget to subscribe. We appreciate your support! – Michelle Lee (aka DeeJay Shelly) and DJ Sure Shot!

Video Credits from DJ Expo to Bert’s Eye View

Song Credits to:

Britney Spears “Work b*tch”

Norman Doray “All In”


Multiples Photo: Get Shell Shocked! Bert’s Eye View of DJ DeeJay Shelly’s Multiple Personalities.

Female DJ DeeJay Shelly Someone said to me, “I really like that photo of you and those two other girls.” I had to giggle.

They’re all me! Thanks to Bert’s Eye View for my “Multiple DeeJay Shellys” picture. I just love how our ideas come to life. Bertos had mentioned to me he had been researching how to photograph a multiples picture. It was a type of photography that really interested him. A few weeks later, I heard about a JBL campaign for DJs sending them pictures using their speakers. I asked Bert if he’d help me with a cool photo to post for this campaign.

At first, I envisioned just the “edgy” girl in the middle. The edgy girl I felt represented my “independent self” as a female DJ in a male dominated industry. Then, I remembered Bert had mentioned the multiples photography. So I thought, “Why not show all my personalities!” A few hours before our photo shoot I called Bert and I said, “I have an idea.” As usual he replied, “Oh no.” Then, we went to work!

I decided I also wanted to show the “nerdy computer girl” who I am 85 percent of the time – always on my computer! Whether I’m researching music, or planning my new marketing campaign, most of my time is spent on the Mac Book! I guess this “personality” part of me holds true, because this picture only took one take! The other two…a different story.

What I learned is part of the trick to taking a multiples photo is keeping the background exactly the same, while individually photographing your subjects. This meant not moving the table, or my equipment, at all – keeping everything “in the frame”. Well, trying to stay completely still, while I was leaning over my Numark MixDeck, was no easy task! Not to mention, I had to position myself in a way where I wouldn’t be “stepping” on the invisible girl hard at work on her computer next to me.

Next, there was fitting in the Geisha! The Geisha is really meant to represent the part of me that just likes to make people happy by playing music. In this picture it seems quite simple to fit her into the scene. However, when I leaned down on the table, I moved it! Both situations causing us to take “multiple” tries at these two ladies. Luckily, Bert was able to fix everything back into place.

Finally, there’s the editing. A few days after our shoot, Bert sent me quite a few different girls with different poses, until we both agreed this was “the one”.  Thanks so much to Bertos for helping me with this photo!!! It’s such a great feeling to have a vision in your head and having it come to life! We hope you like it!

If you’re looking for something different for your next photography session, contact us! MLE & Bert’s Eye View specialize in unique photography services. We want to capture your event! View MLE Unique Photography.

Tuesday’s DJ Tip: How to be a DJ: How to Connect Numark Mix Deck Express to Passive Speakers and amplifier

In this short video tutorial DeeJay Shelly, one of the only female DJs on the East Coast, walks you through four easy steps to connect your Numark Mix Deck Express to Passive Speakers & Amplifier.

Who should watch this video?
Any DJ who owns a Numark Mix Deck Express Controller (or is looking to purchase one) and wants to learn how to hook up the controller to passive (non self powered) speakers.

MODERN. EXCITING. DIFFERENT. Our ENERGY is infectious. We SPECIALIZE in UNIQUE EVENTS. We are a full service event company owned by one of the only female DJs on the east coast, Michelle Lee (aka DeeJay Shelly). GET SHELL SHOCKED!

We understand every client has different needs and every event should be unique. We are professional, enthusiastic individuals who are passionate about entertainment.

Our services include: disc jockeys & MCs, photography, greeters, characters & entertainers, photo booths, videography, event planning and more. Our mission is to make every event spectacular and create experiences that your guests will continue to talk about for years!

Sounds By Shelly is the division of Michelle Lee Entertainment. We’re a team of interactive DJs & MCs dedicated to making your event special. Not only do we play great music, we play great games!

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The song used in this tutorial is Express Yourself (feat. Nicky Da B)

You can purchase it on Amazon.



Best Gifts for DJ: Perfect gift at the perfect price for your DJ – The Numark Mixdeck Express

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your DJ? While this is the perfect controller for beginners, it’s also a GREAT controller for just about any DJ. What I loved about it the most was the price! Even though it may not look as fancy as those $1-2k controllers there’s still a lot of cool things you can do with this Dj controller. As a mobile DJ, I also love the size. What’s more? It’s a Numark! I’ve used Numark my entire career. I’ve never had an issue with one of their controllers that wasn’t because of something I did (I spilled soda one one once and it caused the knobs to get all sticky and stop working. My lesson? Never allow drinks around your equipment!)

See why I love this DJ controller:


Tuesday’s Tip: Why we like the Numark NS7III

What an amazing time we had at the 2015 International DJ Expo in Atlantic City. While Nathan, Juan, John and I were there, we got to check out a lot of super cool DJ equipment. What was one of our favorites? The new Numark NS7III. One of the best benefits about attending the DJ expo is trying out the new controllers. This way, you can find the controller that’s best for you.

Rich Curtis, a product specialist manager for Numark, explained to me a few of the features on the Numark NS7 III. You can check out why we love this new controller in this short video.

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DeeJay Shelly’s interview with the “Man With The Hat” Rich Medina!

Ok. Wearing a hat may not make you as good as Rich Medina, yet listening to his DJ advice may!

It’s the Rich Medina series! Hear thoughts and advice from one of the world’s elite DJs! He performs in numerous cities from Brooklyn to Amsterdam. What’s more? Rich Medina is also a producer and poet. This is the first video in my interview series with Rich Medina.

Prior to the interview, I reached out to my facebook friends to see if they had any questions they wanted me to ask Rich. Husein Bandi wanted to know if Rich thought there should be a standard type of equipment to use when DJing. Rich’s answer? “It’s just like anything else. If something feels right to you, then use it.”

If you liked hearing from Rich Media, stay tuned! I have more short videos from my interview to share with all of you.

If you’d like to learn more about Rich Medina you can visit his website: