What are the challenges of being a female DJ?

What are the challenges of being a female DJ? Finding dresses! Luckily, I consulted an expert fashionista in the industry – Connie Alexandrian McDonnell, the VP of Touche Accessories!

I am so excited to DJ for Philadelphia Style Magazine’s holiday party this month! I’m trying to find the perfect dress! Which one do you like? Stay tuned here and on my social media where I’ll bring you along to this “Who’s Who” Philly event! On another note….

One of the biggest questions I get from people is, “What are the challenges of being a female DJ?” While dress shopping for big events is one of them, that’s not the biggest one! The biggest challenge is getting people to believe I’m the DJ! I’ve actually had to ask my guy DJ techs not to stand next to me while I DJ! Its seriously so bizarre! Even if guests see me with the bright red headphones and using my controller, they will still refer to the guys on my team as “the DJ!” At one event I even had a guest ask me, “Are you the event planner?” – And you know I was wearing my RED HEADPHONES! LOL I couldn’t help but to giggle!

The next biggest challenge? Wearing heels for 4-5 hrs straight during an event! Many girls come up to me and ask me how/why I do it. The reason is, I market myself as Modern, Exciting, and Different. It’s very important to go along with however you’re branding yourself, which believe it or not, includes your dress. Which is why when my agent booked me to DJ for Philadelphia Style Magazine’s holiday party, I went straight to my fashionista! Touche Accessories in the KOP mall. They have all of their dresses shipped in from Paris! Connie Alexandrian McDonnell, their VP, is an expert in fashion! I was not about to go anywhere else! This party is known for their attendees being the “Who’s Who” of Philadelphia. Not too mention, their the biggest Style Magazine in Philly. So you know I have to look magnifique! Let me know which one you think I should wear!

The other challenge of being a female DJ? You probably guessed! Lugging around the DJ equipment! Most companies are making DJ equipment lighter for all of us DJs, which is soooo great! I do try to stay in shape, so I can pretty much carry all of my equipment. However, I can barely lift my small flight case (that I am currently using for all my XLRs and large cables), and I definitely can not lift my monster case.

Regardless your gender, if you’re a DJ, what challenges are you facing, or have you faced during your career?

As always! Thanks for watching! Coming soon… I brought a new DJ controller!!! I’m going to make a video taking you through my journey of my search for the perfect controller and why I bought the one I did! – Michelle Lee (aka DeeJay Shelly)

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