DeeJay ShellyWhat is DJ Life like?

Are you a DJ? Music lover? Sports fan? Do you love to dance? Have fun? Attend parties? If so, I’d like to connect with you! I will bring you along on my everyday journey, as a female DJ.

I perform for some of the most unique events across the nation. Come with me!

More importantly, I want to hear what music moves you! Connect with me on your favorite social media so we can keep in touch. – Michelle Lee (aka DeeJay Shelly)




DJ with wings

Music & Fashion!

Are you as insane about music and fashion, as I am?

Then you may “Like” Sounds By Shelly on Facebook. I feel extremely lucky to have connected with over 79,000 music lovers, like myself, worldwide. Join us! You may even hear me speak, or see me post, in different languages! This is where you’ll find my “SHELLZAM!” (a spin off the music app Shazam – aka song of the day).

On my Facebook page, you’ll also see the latest designs I’m wearing from my favorite fashionistas! I’m a huge fan of French fashion! Many of my designs are flown in from Paris by Touché Accessories!  Find out what I’m playing, or wearing, next!

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WEPSThe goal of my channel is to inspire others, who want to be DJs, especially females, they can do it! It’s also to help provide marketing tips, equipment information and collaborate with other DJs, like myself.

Yet, if you like music, sports, dancing, going to parties, and having fun, I encourage you to Subscribe to my channel too!

(Featured in this photo is one of my favorite dresses by fashion designer, Elizabeth Delgado).





ShitzuWhile you’ll still find posts about music, fashion, events, and DJ stuff, you’ll also find my adorable little kid, Chewbacca (aka Chewy). I’m not sure who gets more likes, me or Chewy!

You may also find posts about my latest Wawa runs. I love Wawa!

Speaking of food, I’m also a foodie! As a DJ, I am very lucky to try delicious cuisine from some of the best chef’s around the world.

What else might you find? The latest design I’m wearing from one of my top fashonistas! As a female DJ, dressing in the most stylish dresses is a must!

Follow me on Instagram @DeeJayShelly if you’re a dog lover, wawa babe, fashionista, or foodie too!





female dj Are you posting silly, or interesting, things about your day? I want to see them! Connect with me on SnapChat @DeeJayShelly.

If you’ve seen my YouTube Channel, you know I love to Get Silly!

I’ll also chat to invite you to my upcoming shows, and of course – I’m always chatting MUSIC!







DJ with wingsFor my live events, the music I play caters to the audience at the event. My expertise as a DJ is knowing how to read a crowd.

My Mixcloud mixes I post online are pretty much like me, all over the place! I am pretty insane about music! Many people ask me, “What is your favorite music?” In all honesty, I love it all. In college, I was published in our college literary review for an impromptu essay I wrote. The subject matter? Write whatever comes to your mind while listening to John Coltrane.

Electronic music is what I listen to the most. However, I’m also a huge fan of Elvis Presley, Blues, Jazz and Latin! I grew up with my dad listening to country and classic rock, and my mom listening to Prince and Madonna. Living in DC years ago, I found an appreciation and became educated in international music, which is why many clients hire me today.

In my mixes, you’ll find Top 40, Deep House, Drum and Bass, Blues, Soca and Afro Pop, EDM and Funky Jazz. Yet, I’m always working on a new mix of great music. You can check out my mixes at:  I hope you’ll give a listen!



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What’s your favorite way to stay connected? I hope I’ll see you there! – Michelle Lee (aka DeeJay Shelly).






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Michelle Lee, known professionally as DeeJay Shelly, is a female DJ artist and entertainer. She became well known on the east coast for her work with Betsey Johnson and David Tutera. In 2015, she was named one of the Philadelphia’s rising stars of the International Live Events Association.

The new website rocks!

With over 80k Facebook fans worldwide, and popular YouTube Channel, her Sounds By Shelly and DeeJay Shelly social media pages, have gained global popularity. DeeJay Shelly offers an unique and high energy show like none other. Part of her expertise is knowing how to read a crowd and live mixing for diverse audiences. While she resides on the east coast, she performs internationally for events.

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