Looking for Unique Entertainment check out our 1940’s Cigarette Girls!

Polka Dot Bathing Suits “Watch out for this one! She gets a little frisky. If ya know what I mean….”

Get SHELL Shocked! What was better than being a 1940’s Cigarette Girl with Kim? Receiving this awesome review.

“Hey Shelly! Amazing feedback from the Gala! They were so happy with everything, LOVED your characters, and are contacting me in the next few weeks to start planning next years event. THANK YOU for always doing such a stellar job, and putting so much thought and time into your work. It does not go unnoticed! – Kaitlin Sweeney EastCoast Entertainment.

Get outta here. Scram! We had so much fun as 1940’s girls. The crowd loved our outfits and accents! My favorites lines? “Look at this wise guy”, “Hey there sweat heart you want this cigar it’s gonna cost ya a dolla!” “Haven’t seen you around this joint lately”.

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