How to be a DJ: Things to know when purchasing a DJ Controller. Do I need a computer?

When you’re deciding on what DJ controller to purchase, it can be a tough decision. In this DJ Quick Tip, I cover a few things you want to think about when purchasing your first one.

What you want to keep in mind when purchasing any new piece of DJ equipment is what you can use as a back up. S*%$ happens! Computers get loopy! One of the reasons I purchased the Numark MixDeck Express, was because it gave me numerous ways to play music in the event my computer decided to freeze up, or shut down, unexpectedly. You can solve this problem by bringing a back up computer. Yet, what if you don’t have this option? The Numark Mix Deck Express has two CD decks and USB Thumb drives for alternative ways to play music. This means, you don’t necessarily even need to have a computer to use this controller. This is also very helpful if you want to start DJing, yet don’t have the funds to purchase both a controller and computer at the same time. You can start DJing with the controller until you have the funds to buy a good computer. What’s more? You’ll need a good computer to run most DJ softwares.

Not all controllers offer these different options to play music. So, when you are in the market to purchase a DJ controller, you’ll want to check out the different alternatives the controller offers to play music, in the event you can’t play from your MAC or PC.

Lastly, most controllers do have an auxiliary channel. You can use this channel to play from your iPhone, iPod, or smart phone.

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Serato DJ Intro: Where to find Special Effects plus DJ Terms Dry, Wet and Depth.

If you’re a beginner DJ, or a DJ who just purchased Serato DJ Intro, you may not know where to find your special effects. In this DJ quick tip, I show you where your special effects are located, how to use the drop down menu to view them, and how to increase or decrease, the volume of each effect – also known as “Dry”, “Wet” or “Depth”.

When you pull up Serato DJ Intro, all the way to the left hand side (right below deck one yet right above your music library) you’ll see a button for “DJ FX”. Click this button to display your special effects menus. Notice there’s two separate sections. The one on your left controls your left deck (or channel 1). The one on the right controls your right deck (or channel 2).

Also, by using the drop down menu, you can control which special effects you want to use. In my experience, I don’t feel they all work well with every song. It’s important to test them out and practice when and how often to use them.

To increase the volume of each effect, you simply turn the dial under the term “Depth” up or down. This is also sometimes referred to as Dry or Wet. Dry meaning no effect. Wet meaning more effect. (Basically the volume, or intensity of the effect).

Hope this quick tip helped you, if you were looking for the special effects buttons on Serato DJ Intro. If you’ve already been using the effects, I’d love to hear what you like best about them. Or, if there’s any other topics you’d like me to cover please let me know in the comments section below. Thanks everyone! Hope you’re all doing what we love! Playing music!! DeeJay Shelly

Tuesday’s DJ Tip! How to Adapt! Quick Tip on RCA connectors and adapters.

Have you ever wondered what adpaters you need to correctly set up DJ equipment? Well, I’ve been DJing for over 15 years and I’m still learning new things! Since I LOVE MUSIC, on this Valentine’s Day, I decided to talk DJ with one of my good friends, DJ Nickels. In this short quick tip from DJ Nickels, I learned about a new adapter I could use to improve the balance of my sound.

When hooking up from my controller to my JBL Self Powered (Active) Speaker, I was using a single Male RCA to Male XLR. While the normal ear may not be able to tell the difference, I learned I was missing half the signal. What DJ Nickels explained, is in order to have balanced sound, you want to make sure you are plugging into both the left and right signals on your controller. If you only have one Male RCA to XLR, you can use a RCA adapter with one Female and two Male RCA to split the signal into two.

A belated Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you! We hope you spent this weekend doing what you love! I know I did – playing music!

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How to Buy a DJ Controller. Review of the Numark Mix Deck Express.

A lot of beginner DJs ask me about controllers. What is the best controller to purchase? In this short video, I tell you why I purchased the Numark MixDeck Express. I also give you some questions to ask yourself before you purchase a controller. Hopefully these questions will help you select the best one for you.

Numark MixDeck Express Quick Overview:
1) Great for the beginner DJ
2) Great for the mobile DJ
3) Great for your wallet!
Do you want to DJ full time? Or, is this just a hobby for you?

As a business owner, I have to look at every piece of equipment as an investment. The Numark MixDeck Express is great for DJs who are just getting started. So, I purchased the MixDeck so that I could teach my DJ assistants how to use a controller. Which is what I did. Now, when I book them their own jobs the MixDeck Express is the controller they use.

What is your budget?

Controllers are expensive! Usually bundled with software, controllers average around $800 and can go as high as thousands. At $500, I feel the MixDeck with Serato DJ Intro is a steal! While I think this is a great controller for any Mobile DJ, the price makes it a great buy for the beginner DJ who is just getting started.

What kind of DJ are you?

While this controller does allow you to do many of the same things other controllers offer; Cue, Brake, Reverse, Scratch and Loop. The one downfall is you don’t have the convenience of the special effects buttons being right on the controller. You have to use your software. Yet, for the types of events I DJ, this is not a deal breaker for me. I DJ all types of events from corporate Gallas, weddings, fashion shows to teen events. I don’t use the special effects at every event, as apposed to a club DJ, who needs to have the convenience of these buttons on the actual controller. (As with anything, the more bells & whistles and the more convenient something is usually means more $$$).

Great for the mobile DJ.
I’m a female DJ. Plus I’m a Mobile DJ. I need equipment which is easy and light weight for me to transport around. The MixDeck Express is so easy to pack up and take with me anywhere to any type of event. So if you’re a DJ who is always on the go this may be a great DJ controller for you.

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Today’s SHELLZAM! DJ Comac Vs. Martin Garix

DJ Comac is at it again! We hope you enjoy his high energy, fun mix sure to brighten up your Wednesday afternoon! You can find it now on DeeJay Shelly’s SBS SoundCloud Page. Just got some very exciting news from DJ Comac!  He’s going to help me add French sub titles to my DJ videos!! If you’re ever wondering where all my fans come from, the answer is – they’re from all over the globe; US, Algeria, Taiwan, France, Polland, Turkey, Bangladesh, Mexico, Malaysia, Kenya, Germany, and Egypt.  Since the two most spoken languages among my fans right now are English and French, I want to create DJ video tutorials my French speaking fans can enjoy also. Look out for my next short video tutorial due out soon, “How to Connect Your NuMark Mix Deck Express to a Self Powered (Active) Speaker”.

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