Unique Events

Michelle LeeDon’t settle for ordinary entertainment! Get SHELL Shocked!





DeeJay Shelly performs for the Special Events Opening of the Fillmore Philly.

“Heaven, Hell & Purgatory”

Michelle Lee Entertainment SPECIALIZE’s in UNIQUE EVENTS.


Female DJ Michelle Lee aka DeeJay Shelly


Regardless if you want your guests to relax to chill worthy mixes, OR dance to high energy club music, Michelle Lee Entertainment you can rest assured it will be one HOT party!

Hot DJ FacadesPackages can include, Fallen Angel Female DJ, Vixens to get your guests fired up for a great party, Red Hot DJ Facade, Dancers, Heaven sent furniture, Soulful light show and staging.





Dj with Red Headphones“We would highly highly recommend DeeJay Shelly if you want an UNFORGETTABLE night.”

“Our friends and family talk about how much fun they had at our party and I know its because everyone DANCED ALL NIGHT!”

“She truly went ABOVE and BEYOND in every way and was a blast to work with”. “…EVENT OF A LIFETIME.” Read more REVIEWS.



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Greek gods & goddesses

Steam Punk & Carnival

Masquerade Ball, Marie Atoinette, & Phantom of The Opera

Don’t settle for ordinary entertainment! Get SHELL Shocked! 

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