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This is “The Love List” by our female wedding DJ, DeeJay Shelly & The Michelle Lee Entertainment team! Combined we have over 30 years experience in the wedding industry. We want to be the resource for our newly engaged couples! As experts in the industry, we thought we’d share our list of favorite WEDDING VENUES with you. Each Wednesday we’ll feature one venue we love. If you visit one of our featured venues, please let them know we referred you! Thank you – Michelle Lee (DeeJay Shelly)

This week’s review: Palomar Philadelphia

What we love…

1) Unique decor! You’ll find this venue is ALIVE with “Art in Motion.”

2) Comforting vibes. It’s your home away from home!

3) Incredible city skyline views!

Palomar Check List!

Look & Feel: Artsy and trendy with a warm, cozy feel 

Location: Historic center city – one block from Rittenhouse Square

LGBT Friendly: Yes! The Palomar is dedicated to making everyone feel at home. 

Ceremony options:  YES! You have the top two floors (24th and 25th) as your private event space with amazing city skyline vieBest LGBT Weddingsws!

Staff & Service: Extremely friendly and accomodating – starting with the valet!

First Impressions: Did someone build this hotel just for me? If you love art, you’ll feel the same way!

Parking: Same day parking is discounted for special events!

Hotels Close By: It is a hotel!

Michelle Lee’s summary:

What is most important to you when looking for the perfect venue for your wedding? Excellent customer service? Exceptional cuisine? A piece of history? A place where your guest can enjoy Palomar Philadelphiaunique pieces of art? Amazing city line views? What if I told you there’s one place in Philadelphia where you could find all of the above?

The Kimpton brand is known for exquisite, historic and unique venues. I can tell you first hand, they didn’t settle for less with the Palomar Philadelphia.

As I drove up to the Palomar valet, I was greeted with warm welcome smiles from their valet staff. I thought to myself, “Wait a minute… I didn’t even step inside the venue and I already feel welcome?”  – HUGE.

Next, I entered the lobby. I immediately felt it was my “home away from home.” A projected TV screen on a gorgeous marble wall, cozy couches, and unique art pieces. Ok. I’ll come clean. I don’t have the marble wall.

If you follow me on social media, you know I love music and art. I was so impressed with the art pieces displayed at this venue. I learned the Palomar’s passion is “Art in Motion.” The works they display aren’t the kind you look at and move on – at least not for me. I became intrigued. “Where did it come from? Who created this?”

History buff? The Kimpton brand prides itself in finding unique, historic buildings and restoring them to the astonishing beauties they once were.

Foodie? Me too. I had THE BEST piece of Salmon I’ve ever had dining at Square 1682. I’m a pescatarian. Pretty much wraps up that section.

Views? If Philadelphia city line views are important to you – visit Palomar!

Your wedding venue is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make for your big day. I don’t expect you to go by my review alone. I will however encourage you to take a visit to Palomar. If you liked my review, it could be the the perfect place for your wedding.

Contact their Director of Catering, Gary Ted Abramson, for a site tour. Happy wedding planning!

Kimpton Hotel Palomar Philadelphia

117 South 17th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103

Tel     1 215 525 9509

Fax    1 215 525 9494