How to make or build your own DJ Flight Cases

This video should be titled, “How to get your dad to make you a flight case.” lol. Regardless if you, or your dad make them, flight cases can really make traveling much easier if you’re a mobile DJ. For some venues a cart is sufficient, or sometimes necessary due to small entry ways. However, they’re not always ideal for larger venues. Flight cases, especially large ones like in our video, can save you numerous trips, while protecting your equipment. Just one of these flight cases turned my two – three trip unload into one trip! Not only can I fit a ton of equipment inside the case, I can also stack items on top. With wheels, it easily rolls my equipment safely to my setup area.

What is the downfall of the flight cases? It can cost you a nice chunk of change to purchase a professional flight case, especially large ones. In this video tutorial, dad and I show you how you can make your own. PLEASE NOTE: This video is made for the DIY type of person. This isn’t a project you’d want to tackle, unless you have your own tools and/ or are used to this type of work. I never would’ve tried to make these cases on my own! I can’t even operate a staple gun!

Yet – If you are a person, like my dad, who likes to make things, you can save yourself money making the cases on your own. I purchased all of our hardware on amazon by searching “DJ flight cases”. The edging, wood, and paint I bought at Home Depot. We did learn a few things along the way. We had to replace the wheels with larger wheels. The ones we originally used were too small and were not able to hold the weight. The larger ones work like a gem. I couldn’t find foam at Home Depot, so I purchased the padding you see in the video. I wasn’t very happy with it. It works for now, yet I plan to replace that too. Lastly, we had to purchase larger latches. It was a little difficult to determine the sizes we needed. While I love Amazon, most of the descriptions for the hardware wasn’t very helpful.

I can tell you that my DJ life has been so much easier with these cases! I can’t thank my dad enough.

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