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“DJ DeeJay Shelly BLEW AWAY OUR EXPECTATIONS!” – Christine Brosonski, Nixon Peabody. “She had them DANCING UNTIL THE BITTER END!” GeneDX, Kerry Tepper. “THE BEST ENTERTAINMENT we’ve had all week” – David Sproat, CEO Young Innovations.”DeeJay Shelly was AWESOME!” Debbie Narahi, Cordia Partners. typemyessay “You were once again 100% on point with what we wanted and made the night PERFECT! I’m so glad you were able to make it to Puerto Rico!” – Chris Soto, CTC-Events. 

Do you have dreams of becoming a DJ? Are you already a DJ looking to further your DJ career? You have come to the right place!Michelle Lee Numark I’ve been a DJ for over 15 years. I want to share my DJ tips and advice with you! If you enjoy my DJ tutorials and quick tips, make sure you Subscribe to the Sounds By Shelly YouTube Channel. Thank you for your support!

DJ Shelly

DeeJay Shelly


DJ Controller Review: Numark NS7 III

For the Beginner DJ: How to use a DJ controller or mixer. Getting back to the basics!

MASHUP! Check out DeeJay Shelly vs. DJ Rock G in this simple video tutorial domyhomework where we will teach you an easy way to make a mashup.

Self Powered Versus Active Speakers. No this isn’t a mashup. But DeeJay Shelly does bring you some helpful information when it comes to purchasing a new set of speakers. Are you a BEGINNER DJ? Or, do you want to become a DJ? If you are thinking about purchasing DJ equipment for the first time you may have some questions. In this short video tutorial, DeeJay Shelly talks about the basics when buying speakers. Don’t forget to Subscribe to the SBS Channel!

The “INs & OUTs” of How to be a DJ: Active Speakers, Inputs and Outputs, XLR connectors. In this short video tutorial I show you an example of how to hook up your controller to an active speaker. I also explain inputs and outputs (you want to go out of your music source and into your power source).This is not a tutorial to teach you how to scratch! The scratching in the video is JUST FOR FUN.  This tutorial is for beginner Mobile DJs, or any DJ who wants to learn how to set up DJ equipment. Don’t forget to Subscribe to the SBS Channel!

Beginner DJ: Quick Tip – Sound Checks Adjust Bass, Treble, Gain and Middle. QUICK TIP! Starting out as a beginner DJ one of the fastest things I learned was how important the sound level of the music was at an event. If it’s too loud, it creates an uncomfortable experience for your guests. On the flip side, if it’s too low, it doesn’t create the “party” atmosphere. Also, how does it sound? Do you need to adjust the bass, treble or middle? Don’t forget to Subscribe to the SBS Sounds By Shelly You Tube Channel!


Active vs Passive Speakers: What are the best option for you?

Best DJ Equipment: Touch Screen Controllers – The Emulator

How to Adjust the EQ : What is Treble, Mid, Bass and Gain?

Touble Shooting Serato Issues: Song wave form crashing, breaking, or freezing

Beginner DJ: Serato DJ Intro – Using Special Effects and DJ Terms

Beginner DJ: Quick Tip on How to Use Samples in Serato DJ Intro

Beginner DJ: How to Make your own DJ Drop using Special Effects


Beginner DJ: Sound Reinforcement & Stage Setup. Adjusting your speakers and using couplers. In this short video tutorial DeeJay Shelly and our audio engineer (or sound guy), Scott, explain how to set up speakers for a sound reinforcement system. We cover: What’s the best way to position your speakers? How to use a coupler to connect speaker wire? How to insure the safety of your guests? Don’t forget to Subscribe to the SBS Channel!

How to Connect Your Numark Mix Deck Express to Passive Speakers and Amplifier. In this short video tutorial DeeJay Shelly walks you through four easy steps to connect your Numark Mix Deck Express to Passive Speakers & Amplifier. Don’t forget to Subscribe to the SBS Channel!

Make sure you purchase some type of quality carrying case for your facade to keep it in great shape for a long time:

Trouble Shooting Wireless Microphones Don’t Strip The Threads! In this short quick tip for beginner DJs (or any DJ) I’ll share with you a quick tip for handling regular or wireless microphones.  If you like DeeJay Shelly’s Quick Tip don’t forget to Subscribe to the SBS Channel!  We’ll being you more tips about setting up DJ equipment.

How to be a DJ: Should I be in Mono or Stereo? The Basics of Sound. How to improve the SOUND at your events. This video tutorial is made for beginner DJs. It was created by Bob Mahon the owner of Super Audio and DeeJay Shelly the owner of Michelle Lee Entertainment featuring Sounds By Shelly Disc Jockey Services.

What we cover:
1) The difference between Mono and Stereo
2) When you would use each
3) The Allison Effect

DeeJay Shelly & DJ Justin Giuliante discuss: Which DJ Software is the Best? Serato vs. Virtual DJ vs. Traktor – Which DJ Software is the best? Are you a BEGINNER DJ, or a DJ in the market to upgrade your current software? If so, you may be wondering, “What DJ software is the best?” Don’t forget to Subscribe to the SBS Channel!

How to Grow Your Mobile DJ Business? Attend Events!

As a DJ, especially if you’re running your own Mobile disc jockey business, it’s very important to visit other events. Why? This way, you can stay ahead of current trends, network with other people, and in turn better serve your clients. What’s more, sometimes you also get the chance to support a great cause! The video for today is from an event Jim Cohn (Mid-Atlantic Events Magazine) and I attended last night called, Donors Are Heroes THE Party. I hope to bring you more sneak peeks into the events I attend.

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One way to Grow Your Mobile DJ Business.

We’ve grown from Sounds By Shelly Disc Jockey Services to a full service entertainment company, Michelle Lee Entertainment. How? By listening to our clients! Now we service all types of unique events from Philadelphia to Rehoboth Beach to Virginia to DC!
Today’s quick tip for DJs looking to grow their mobile DJ business: Offer Wedding Ceremony Services.

It’s Scratch Chat! Our new Audio DJ Show on YouTube! Where I’ll bring on a new DJ for each series. For this video series we’re talking all things DJ with DJ Eddie G! Eddie G says, “Don’t let these grey hairs full ya! They mean experience!”

Numark Controller by Berts Eye at Fuge

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Check out our latest video (above) on HOW TO MAKE A MASHUP.

Who should watch this video?

This video is designed for any DJ who wants to learn how to create a mashup. While there are many ways to make a mashup, we will teach you a simple, step by step way to create your first mix.

Equipment & Software we used: Michelle Lee aka DeeJay Shelly

1) Serato DJ Software
2) Numark N4

Songs we selected:DJ Rock G
1) Team – Lorde
2) Off The Books – The Beatnuts (Instrumental version)

Step 1: Select two songs with similar BPMs (Beats Per Minute).
Step 2: Adjust the BPMs using your pitch fader.
Step 3: Choose the vocals of one song and the instrumental of the other.
Step 4: How to begin the mix.
Quick Tip: Isolate the vocals at certain points in the mix by using the cross fader.

Click here to listen to the MASHUP. We want to hear your feedback. Was this tutorial helpful to you? What other topics would you like us to cover?

Are you passionate about music? Have you found yourself making the playlists for your friend’s and family’s events? Have you always wanted to become a DJ and not sure how to get started?

DeeJay Shelly on the Numark at the FUGEWell you’ve come to the right place! My name is DeeJay Shelly. I’ve been in the industry for over 15 years. I am super passionate about music, and I love to make people dance. Join me on the Sounds By Shelly YouTube Channel where you’ll find my short video training tutorials on how YOU can BECOME A DJ!

What types of videos will I find on the SBS channelNumark mixer at the FUGE

For Beginner DJs
DeeJay Shelly and the SBS crew will post short video tutorials for beginner DJs where we’ll teach you the basics. For example, how to set up DJ equipment, the basic wires & cords you’ll need to get started, do you need to purchase an amplifier, active or passive speakers? What DJ software is the best for you? And more!
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Are you already a DJ? DeeJayShelly Rocn Electric Pioneers Mike V Website
DeeJay Shelly posts videos on important tips to market your business, tools to get into that big venue or night club you’ve been scoping out, and quick tips to help you BECOME a BETTER DJ.
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Just like being entertained?
DeeJay Shelly is passionate about entertainment! At the age of 13 I was picked out of 100 kids to be a contestant on the show SUPER SLOPPY DOUBLE DARE. Numark mixer at the FUGE (1)Another reason why I chose to be a DJ! I’m just a big goofball! More importantly I like to have fun! So look out for other videos of DeeJay Shelly GETTING SILLY!

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