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Best Venues PhiladelphiaWedding Venue Wednesday

This is “The Love List” by our female wedding DJ, DeeJay Shelly & The Michelle Lee Entertainment team! Combined we have over 30 years experience in the wedding industry. We want to be the resource for our newly engaged couples! As experts in the industry, we thought we’d share our list of favorite WEDDING VENUES with you. Each Wednesday we’ll feature one venue we love. If you visit one of our featured venues, please let them know we referred you! Thank you – Michelle Lee (DeeJay Shelly)

This week’s review: Palomar Philadelphia

What we love…

1) Unique decor! You’ll find this venue is ALIVE with “Art in Motion.”

2) Comforting vibes. It’s your home away from home!

3) Incredible city skyline views!

Palomar Check List!

Look & Feel: Artsy and trendy with a warm, cozy feel 

Location: Historic center city – one block from Rittenhouse Square

LGBT Friendly: Yes! The Palomar is dedicated to making everyone feel at home. 

Ceremony options:  YES! You have the top two floors (24th and 25th) as your private event space with amazing city skyline vieBest LGBT Weddingsws!

Staff & Service: Extremely friendly and accomodating – starting with the valet!

First Impressions: Did someone build this hotel just for me? If you love art, you’ll feel the same way!

Parking: Same day parking is discounted for special events!

Hotels Close By: It is a hotel!

Michelle Lee’s summary:

What is most important to you when looking for the perfect venue for your wedding? Excellent customer service? Exceptional cuisine? A piece of history? A place where your guest can enjoy Palomar Philadelphiaunique pieces of art? Amazing city line views? What if I told you there’s one place in Philadelphia where you could find all of the above?

The Kimpton brand is known for exquisite, historic and unique venues. I can tell you first hand, they didn’t settle for less with the Palomar Philadelphia.

As I drove up to the Palomar valet, I was greeted with warm welcome smiles from their valet staff. I thought to myself, “Wait a minute… I didn’t even step inside the venue and I already feel welcome?”  – HUGE.

Next, I entered the lobby. I immediately felt it was my “home away from home.” A projected TV screen on a gorgeous marble wall, cozy couches, and unique art pieces. Ok. I’ll come clean. I don’t have the marble wall.

If you follow me on social media, you know I love music and art. I was so impressed with the art pieces displayed at this venue. I learned the Palomar’s passion is “Art in Motion.” The works they display aren’t the kind you look at and move on – at least not for me. I became intrigued. “Where did it come from? Who created this?”

History buff? The Kimpton brand prides itself in finding unique, historic buildings and restoring them to the astonishing beauties they once were.

Foodie? Me too. I had THE BEST piece of Salmon I’ve ever had dining at Square 1682. I’m a pescatarian. Pretty much wraps up that section.

Views? If Philadelphia city line views are important to you – visit Palomar!

Your wedding venue is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make for your big day. I don’t expect you to go by my review alone. I will however encourage you to take a visit to Palomar. If you liked my review, it could be the the perfect place for your wedding.

Contact their Director of Catering, Gary Ted Abramson, for a site tour. Happy wedding planning!

Kimpton Hotel Palomar Philadelphia

117 South 17th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103

Tel     1 215 525 9509

Fax    1 215 525 9494



How to grow your DJ business and travel more as a DJ: Specialization

This is a short video tutorial on how you can use specialization as a business strategy to grow your DJ business, go full time as a DJ and/or travel more as a DJ. It’s one of the biggest changes I made in my career to help me do all of these things. What does specialization mean and how can it help you grow your bottom line? explains it best, “Specialization is a strategy developed by a business to focus on the production of a very limited range of products or services in order to gain maximum productivity, expertise and leadership in the targeted field. Companies that specialize say they get a better return on investment.”…

What can your business specialize in to help attract a target audience? Some successful DJs specialize in a certain genre of music. Others specialize in a certain type of party; weddings, Mitzvahs, clubs, etc. In my area, there are a few DJ companies who “own” the Mitzvah market. I started out as a DJ assistant to a Mitzvah DJ when I was 16. I’ve helped run hundreds of Mitzvah’s, yet I rarely get hired as a Mitzvah DJ. Why? The entertainment companies in my area heavily market to Mitzvah clients and they’ve done what they call “cornered the market.”

How do you figure out the best way to specialize your business to make you the most profit?

First, I always feel the best way to be successful in anything is to use the talents and passions you already have. For example, I’ve always loved to dress up and entertain. Since I was young, my mom was always holding themed family parties and getting my siblings and me involved. I fell in love with creating unique experiences for events. It just seemed perfect for me to make this part of my DJ business and marketing strategy.

Two, it’s extremely important to understand it’s not just specializing in something that will grow your bottom line. In order to get the most return on investing in your speciality is to make sure there is the need for it. For example, if you love EDM, you wouldn’t want to market yourself as an EDM DJ in an area where there are primarily country music lovers. This doesn’t mean you can’t be an EDM DJ! It means you’d need to find an area where there is a need. Before I decided to specialize in unique events, I spoke to a number of people in my industry and in my local area. I then took a few test runs to see how well some of my events would go over. When I knew it was right and I had an audience, I then decided it was a good investment. I spent a lot time and money marketing my speciality through professional videos, images, sponsored events, and more.

I hope today’s video had some helpful information for you on how to grow your DJ business. Here’s looking forward to a very busy 2019 for all of us DJs! If you liked my video, don’t forget to Subscribe. Better yet! Sign up for notifications this way you’ll know each time I post a new video. Thanks for watching! – Michelle Lee (aka DeeJay Shelly).

DJ DeeJay Shelly Reviews

“Our client’s CEO said DeeJay Shelly and her DJ & Instruments band were the BEST PART of the entire event!”

– Dara, Meeting Planner, Event Source Professionals.

“THE BEST ENTERTAINMENT we’ve had all week.”

-CEO David S., Young Innovations

“Thank you for a truly EPIC event”

– Wendy Gaskill, Senior Marketing Director N3 Results

“GREAT Event! My client is ECSTATIC! Thanks again for being such a FANTASTIC partner!  The event was a huge success and you were once again 100% on point with what we wanted and made the night perfect! I’m so glad that it worked out that you guys were able to make it to PR! We are looking forward to creating many more memorable experiences in the future!

– Chris Soto CTC-Events

“EXCELLENT. DJ Shelly was extremely professional to deal with and an excellent communicator. She read the audience well and I received countless compliments from the event.” – Ana Bowling, Soiree Telluride, CO

“DeeJay Shelly BLEW AWAY OUR EXPECTATIONS! She was higher priced than some of the other DJs, but we knew she’d be perfect for our event. ”

– Christine Brosonski, Nixon Peabody


–  Kerry Tepper, GeneDX

“DeeJay Shelly was AWESOME!”

-Debbie Narahi, Cordia Partners

“Expecting over 5k attendees we needed someone who could get the crowd pumped up for our Run/Bike/Walk charity event. We LOVED having Michelle Lee as the DJ & MC. She brought so much fun to the event and was FABULOUS!”

– Denise Sullivan, Development Director for the Philadelphia Flyers Charities

“Hi Jenny! We wanted to send you and DJ Shelly a warm thank you for Shelly’s professionalism, creativity, and all-around AMAZING performance at last week’s Pink Tie Party. She was really great to work with and I heard repeatedly from our guests that they thoroughly enjoyed her musical choices and style. I would not hesitate to hire or recommend her services again!”

– Best, Ashley Weatherly Event Architect – Linder Global  

“I am so glad Gina found you! You are the perfect fit for our brand. You added so much energy and excitement to the event”

– Dawn Costello, bare Minerals District Manager, Metro New York & New Jersey

“Mario said you were AMAZING throughout the entire event so let’s definitely keep in touch because I would love to continue working together for all upcoming events in this region. And given the success of the event this past weekend – I think it’s safe to say we will be having A LOT more! Thanks again for everything”

– Gina Chang, bare Minerals Corporate Event Planner  

“I hope you had a great holiday weekend! We received such positive feedback regarding your energy and music from our last event that we’d love to have you back for our next event series!”

– Gina Chang, bare Minerals Corporate Event Planner  

“Michelle Lee was AWESOME last night! We had a blast on the dance floor thanks to her contagious energy and song selections! Our only complaint is that next year we may need a bigger dance floor!”

-Denyce Myslon, Young Audiences, Director of Marketing and Public Relations

“From the moment I told DJ Shelly the prom theme for our gala, she jumped on board immediately! This amazing lady grasped our concept and ran with it. She played eclectic remixes of nostalgic classics, bringing us all back to the time of our lives. She even had an woman playing an electric violin show up and play along with her! I cannot thank her enough for helping create a successful, classy, and fun event!!! I would highly recommend her for her creativity, her professionalism during the process, and her execution.”

– Allery Elder, Director of Special Events for Philadelphia Area Chapter Meeting Planners International (PAMPI)

“Words I use to describe DJ Shelly / Michelle Lee Entertainment; STUNNING! FABULOUS! PROFESSIONAL! AMAZING!.. just to name a few.  I was beyond ecstatic with the amount of accolades and positive feedback I received regarding DJ Shelly’s performance at my event. The music she selected fit the event perfectly.  She knew how to best read the audience and keep the energy upbeat and professional. If you haven’t already booked DJ Shelly what in the world are you waiting for?!!! Do you want your boss to compliment your successes?  Do you want your guests to have an incredible event experience? Then put Michelle Lee Entertainment on your speed dial now!”

– Don Blyler, Sales and Catering Director of The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

“When I walked into the room to hear your DJ, Drums and Electric Violin – WOW is all I could say! It sounded AMAZING!

– Erin Crofchick Sales Manager The Renaissance Allentown

“I was at Jingle Jam and I LOVED the DJ & Drums combo; so DIFFERENT and FULL OF ENERGY. I’ve been working for the PHILLIES a lottttttttttttttttttttttttttttt of years, LOL, and I’ve never seen anything so UPBEAT and FUN!”

– Harold Palmer, Philadelphia Phillies 

“BETSEY JOHNSON herself approved Michelle Lee for this event. Her team was so glad I found her! She was the PERFECT CHOICE if I do say so myself! She ADDED SO MUCH to the day!”

– Mary Jane – Event Planner Lord & Taylor

“We LOVED DeeJay Shelly!”

-Betsey Johnson’s personal MC – Michael Jesse

“DeeJay Shelly is so NICE and FUN to work with!”  

– Kristen Ferrari, event planner, Steve Madden

“Hey Michelle Lee! We are so THRILLED you were able to spin for us- you ADDED so much FUN and atmosphere to the room (not to mention the AWESOME pink wings!!). We can’t wait to see your photos and we would love to have you back next year and hope to partner with you on future events.  We will share our photos as soon as we get them!”

– Hard Rock Cafe Pinktober – Carrie Zaruba-Creedon, Philadelphia Sales & Marketing Assistant

“I was VERY IMPRESSED with the organization and PROFESSIONALISM of the Fashion For a Cause event in Philadelphia. Michelle had everything under control, and the communication before and during the event was thorough and informative. We’ve been to many fashion shows (big and small) and this was one of the BEST RUN EVENTS. All of her staff was professional and courteous. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Michelle Lee Entertainment.”

– Sincerely, Donna Haldas (Mother to Model Jessica Haldas)


DeeJay Shelly: Multicultural Wedding DJ

“Our guests thought we flew DJ Shelley in from Israel. They couldn’t believe how she was able to mix our Hebrew and American song requests together so well.” – David and Jasmine.

“Thrilled with DJ Shelly! I highly recommend DJ Shelly to all who are looking for a professional DJ that can make any event a smashing success. We hired DJ Shelly for our wedding. We both have backgrounds in Human Resources and looked for a DJ vendor that was diversity & inclusion friendly.” – Tony & Wendell

“DJ Shelly was all I ever asked for, and more. She was upbeat, and interacted with guests of all ages, races, and religions. We had a Jewish wedding, with a Christian Groom & his family. All was very entertaining and very non-judgmental. We would recommend DJ Shelly 1,000 percent.” – Marley & Darius

“DJ Shelly was outstanding. We’ve had so many compliments from our guests on her music selection for the reception. Our musical preferences span multiple genres and decades and she pulled together a reception that was 100% us. She clearly will put in the extra effort for clients!” Matt & Christie

“Shellie was the best! She took over the event and made sure everything was perfect! I’m so glad we found a DJ who could mix Latin with other types of music for our mixed crowd. All our guests commented on how great the DJ was. We can’t put a price on how much Michelle offers. It was the best time of our lives” – Zelma & Jean.

I can’t thank my clients enough for these wonderful reviews. Many people ask me how I know so much about international music. My love for music began during my childhood. However it wasn’t until I started my part time DJ business (at the age of 19), Sounds By Shelly, and moved the DC area for a year. If you’ve never visited DC before, it is a very diverse area of people from all over the globe.

During my time in DC, I was introduced to many types of international music. I absolutely loved learning about different cultures and their musical tastes. The more I learned, the more skilled I became in mixing all kinds of music together. Today, most of my clients hire me because they’re looking for a DJ who can play a mix of multicultural music to keep everyone on the dance floor.

For more information, and to book your multicultural event, contact us today!

You’re invited! NYE 80’s Rewind Party at MGM National Harbor

DJ Shelly

For more information and to purchase tickets visit: MGM National Harbor’s event page

Don’t let me “think we’re alone now!” I want to bring in 2019 with you! You’re invited to MGM National Harbor’s NYE 80’s Rewind!

As if? I wasn’t already excited enough to be a co-host and DJ for this event (thank you Jenny Langer ECE), MGM just announced 80’s icon, Tiffany, is performing at the party!

You know I can’t wait to “Get Physical” like Olivia on the ones and twos! Can you guess what 80’s gear I’ll be wearing?

Hope to see you there dancing on the ceiling! 🤩

For more information and to purchase tickets, visit:

MGM National Harbor’s event page

Photo credit (above) to Christine Angeline Photography.

MGM National Harbor




The Ugly Asian Model: A behind the scenes interview with Kevin Kreider & 6abc’s Nydia Han

Watch a “behind the scenes” video of how I surprise the “Ugly Model”, Kevin Kreider, during a recent interview with Nydia Han from 6 abc action news! A few months ago, you may have seen my video on YouTube of when I started my journey with my personal life & fitness coach, Kevin Kreider. Since then, I finished my work with Kevin, and he moved to LA to continue his work as a life coach, model, and actor.

Last Thursday, I was so excited Nydia Han (6abc action news) invited me to surprise Kevin during her interview with him for an upcoming show (Kevin came back to Philly for the holidays). Special thanks to Nydia Han and my manager, Brittany Mondrinos, (Brittany Mondrinos Consulting)for making this happen! As a DJ, many of us struggle between working our nightlife schedules and trying to keep up with other people’s “regular hours.” Our long hours and constant traveling can also take its tool. For me, I absolutely love traveling and being a DJ. This past year was amazing! I traveled to Dallas, TX, Palm Beach, FL, Raleigh, NC, Richmond, VA, Washington, DC, Las Vegas, NV, Rehoboth Beach, DE, Long Island, NY, (of course I was also in my hometown Philly) and many other super cool places!

While the touring DJ life is seriously “living the dream”, I started to get frustrated and down on myself when I would miss workouts and/or eat unhealthy foods. I wouldn’t feel as confident in myself before a show. When I’m home it’s easy for me to eat right. Yet, as many of you know, it’s not always easy to find healthy, low fat choices when you’re on the road. Since I’m a pescatarian, I find it even harder to find the foods I want to eat. Working with Kevin really changed my life.

Through his personal life experiences, he helped me to overcome the challenges I was having in my personal and professional life, due to my hectic DJ schedule. As a female DJ in a male dominated industry, I was also experiencing times where I felt, “I’m not good enough”, and sometimes I still do. To this day, I show up to DJ events where people are surprised I’m the DJ and not a guy. Kevin, helped me to work through these feelings and teach me how to be more confident in myself. Luckily, I also have many male DJ friends who give me constant support 🙂

Kevin helped me to find balance in my life through coaching me on how to keep my mind, body and spirit all on the same page! Through our work together, he taught me how to make my eating habits fit my schedule. I learned how to save time on my workouts, while still gaining great results. More importantly, he taught me how to enrich my spirit, which in turn has given me more peace and happiness in my life.

If you’d like to learn more about Kevin and his programs, visit: .

If you like to know why he’s called the “Ugly Model” watch his documentary:…

I can’t wait for this interview to air on 6abc! It was a great present for me this holiday season to be a part of Kevin’s interview to share my story of how he helped me. I hope all of you receive some great presents too! Maybe a new DJ Controller….. ha ha Happy Holidays everyone! – Michelle Lee (aka DeeJay Shelly).

This DJ can throw down “the best dance party!”

“Hi Shelly,
I just wanted to say thank you SO much for DJ-ing our wedding. You were ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! You kept everyone dancing all night, which is what I really wanted..A BIG DANCE PARTY. The night was so memorable and I just can’t wait to see video of everyone having a blast. You were so easy to work with and it really shows that you have fun doing what you do. Thank you sooo much! You helped to make our wedding the most PERFECT AND FUN NIGHT OF OUR LIVES.”
– All the best, Amy & Steve

Continue reading “This DJ can throw down “the best dance party!””

The Best Glow Show From East Coast to West Coast Entertainment!

Las Vegas Entertainment

DeeJay Shelly & The ElectriX

“Modern-Exciting-Different. DeeJay Shelly & The ElectriX is a modern and thrilling concert. After debuting their electrifying Glow Show at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, this group of exciting and interactive artists have been lighting up dance floors worldwide.”

YOU REALLY MADE THE EVENT! You also did an amazing job reinventing yourself in Las Vegas so our return guests had a whole new experience from last year! And thank you for staying a little later and pumping up our team. It was a great way to end the night! Our executive team was so happy with this event – you really made us shine.

– Wendy G. VP of Global Marketing.

“Philly DJ STANDS OUT With a Spin” – DJ Times Magazine. 

Michelle Lee, aka Dee Jay Shelly, is an international female DJ, emcee, and entertainer. Styled in her signature exotic wings and red headphones, DeeJay brings an exciting and interactive experience through her infectious energy and love of music.

Are you looking for something Modern, Exciting, and Different? Learn more about DeeJay’s DJ & Instruments including our new show – The ElectriX.

Smaller concerts are also available to fit your event size including; DJ & Drums, DJ & Electric Violin, DJ & Vocalist, DJ & Sax. Catering to each client, this group creates a playlist and show aesthetic tailored to your event.


Best Holiday Entertainment!


DJ DeeJay Shelly

“DeeJay Shelly’s DJ & Instruments concert will take your guests soaring through the clouds! Known for her work with MGM Grand National Harbor, Philly Style Magazine, Mid-Atlantic Events Magazine, Philadelphia Flyers Charities and more, international DJ Michelle Lee (aka DEEJAY SHELLY), offers an unique, high energy show herself.  Mixing in an electric violinist, drummer, and vocalist, the DJ & Instruments concert is like no other you’ve seen!”  

– International booking agent, Jenny Langer, ECE.

Booking now for the holidays! Contact us today!

Smaller concerts are also available to fit your event size including; DJ & Drums, DJ & Electric Violin, DJ & Vocalist, DJ & Sax. Catering to each client, this group creates a playlist and show aesthetic tailored to your event.