How to Make Your Own DJ Drop

Posted in April 14, 2017

In this short video, DJ Frankie SURE and I teach you how to make a simple and fast DJ drop just by using your iPhone and Serato DJ Intro. While we used the iPhone and Serato for this example, almost all smart phones have a voice recorder and most software allows you to load samples.

Step one is to record your custom drop using the voice recorder app on your smart phone. Next, download your new recording to your computer. Third, drop the recording into your samples. You can just use the simple recording as a drop. Yet, if you want to enhance the sound you can use your special effects. Once you select the special effects you like with your drop, record the final on your phone, then download back to your computer. This way, you can use it anytime.

In this example, I made a simple voice sample of Frank’s DJ name, “DJ Frankie SURE”. Yet, you could get really creative with your recordings. For example, if you’re DJing a private party have some of the guests say the guests of honor’s name. Then, you can play it throughout the night. It adds a personal touch to the party. With the special effects added your guest of honor is sure to feel really special to have their own DJ Drop!

I hope you enjoyed today’s quick tip on how to make a simple, easy DJ drop using your smart phone. If you liked today’s tip, please don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel. Thanks for your support! DeeJay Shelly

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